Your Business

Your business can benefit with an Internet presence.

*  Providing your customers an easy method to find your business,
*  Letting them know what services or products you provide,
*  And, how they can contact you.

Having your own web site allows you an opportunity to inform prospective customers about your company, services, and most importantly, you. This can give you the competitive edge over your competition. Every day more people are looking toward the internet for their daily needs such as shopping, banking, travel, and researching business before they decide on which company they will use.

Don’t let internet technology concern you. I can create a web site for you to fit your needs and budget. My fees are very competitive. I can create and maintain your entire web site, or if you prefer, get you started and show you how to maintain it yourself.

What you do
The more you participate in the creation of your web site the more it will represent you and your business. It is not my intention nor desire to tell you how to conduct your business. You’re the expert when it comes to your business. My role is help facilitate your company’s presence on the internet that will not only fit your budget, but help expand the possibilities of it as well.

You can choose to have your web site maintained completely by me, or yourself, or a little of both. I am willing to help you get started in internet web sites by showing you how to use the software, uploading the information, maintaining the site, and how

What I do
I will help facilitate the creation, establishing, maintaining and expansion of your internet web site on a fee basis. I charge an hourly rate of fifty dollars ($50). Unlike many web designers’ fees, you will have direct control of how much money you will spend for your web site. Some companies charge into the thousands of dollars to create a web site and others will charge around $1,000.

Excluding the costs of web server (where your web site will be hosted), my fee for the average web site will be about $200. If you want me to maintain the site I would charge the hourly rate.

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